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Get Dangerous!

A Darkwing Duck fan gathering

Lets get . . . Dangerous!
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This community is for all things Darkwing Duck. It can be sharing of fanfic, ideas, rants, fan art, roleplaying, website promotions -- anything! Image courtesy of Star's Darkwing Duck site.

If you're rude to the community owner, roamingtigress or to anyone else, expect to be treated like scum. Also, people who fail to materialize that the fandom is for everyone . . . Guess what? You're banned.

Taken characters for the roleplay include:

Steelbeak, Victoria Volatili, Javert Adair, Chauncer D. Marius - roamingtigress

Bushroot falseface

Jenny Hooter, J. Gander Hooter silverstah

Quackerjack jade_gryphon

Rules of roleplaying include the following:

1) NO Godmoging/powerplaying, anything like that.

2) Have respeect for one another (goes without saying)

3) Do not steal another's ideas

4) Slash is allowed, as are fan made characters

5) As this is a public RPG, please keep private RP's to an absolute minimum.

6) Above all, have fun!