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Why did I not know this comm existed?!?

Hey everyone. I recently found my love for Darkwing Duck after the new comics came out. Oh, what a great show. It's my new current obsession (Along with Metalocalypse. I don't know how that works...)

Anyway, I bring offerings of fanart.

I drew this way back in May.
Ever since I started watching Disney's Phineas and Ferb, I always thought Agent Perry the Platypus should team up with good ol' Darkwing. That's what fanart is for.

Let's get dangerous DoobieDoWa
by ~AnarchicQ on deviantART

And I drew this a few days ago...

Splatter Phoenix
by ~AnarchicQ on deviantART

I'm working on a NegaDuck, which should be done in a few days.

Up for RPing.

Up for RPing with Steelbeak tonight (or whenever). I'm up for anything, aside from pairing him up with Mary Sues :P You can reply here or give me a shout on AIM at SpiritTiger83. I'm game for either AIM based RP or board based.
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BOOM! Issue #1 Discussion Post!

Who all has a copy of the new comic? My local comic store either didn't have any to begin with or sold out (the guy was confused and told me both things), so I ordered from BOOM!'s website. I received the comic today, and I am thoroughly impressed! It meets and exceeds my expectations!

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Steelbeak confirmed!

For the BOOM! comics:

Oh, there's plans for Steelbeak...just make sure you and all your friends make the series a success so we can get to them!

Not a surprise, but still nonetheless nice to hear from an official source! I'm just wonderin' what they're gonna do with 'im.
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The Secret Origins of Darkwing Duck

I think most of the fanbase agrees that the above episode is not to be taken seriously and definitely isn't Darkwing's true origins. However, within the canon of the episode I'm still puzzled. The general idea you're supposed to take seems to be that the museum janitor is Darkwing. But if it was, why would he tell those kids a story where Gosalyn's equivalent was one of Darkwing's mentors? LOL. If it wasn't true, Darkwing certainly would not want to make out that it was. And if it was true, Darkwing probably still wouldn't want to let it be known that a *child* had been one of his teachers.

I know, I'm thinking too hard into it. But still, it perplexes me. It seems so OOC for Darkwing.

Just curious, has anyone else ever wondered about this at all?
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ring ring

Selling DVDs

Hello my fellow DW-Fans!

I am currently selling both my Darkwing Duck DVD-Boxes, Season 1 and Season 2, in excellent condicion (and, of course, original. No bootleg!).
For pictures see here: Season 1, Season 2
In case any of you are interested, feel free to contact me (just write a comment here or PM me) until next Saturday, April 10th, and we will settle it outside of eBay.

Especially people from Europe could save some money concerning shipping costs since I live in Germany ;)

I hope I'm allowed to post this here, of not, please tell me.
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